Saturday, October 21, 2006 cross round-up

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The bad:

- another doping scandal for cycling, this time in cross...involving the German team, Stevens Racing. We'll send that one over to be filed on Dopers Suck.

- Jonathan Page might miss the entire 06/07 cross season after tearing his rotater cuff in the first round of the World Cup in Aigle, Switzerland. That race goes down in my books as one of my least favorite, it probably does for JP too. Heal up quick and be back for Worlds!

The good:

- Sven, Tim and Lyne are racking up the wins so far this season!

- Cross Crusade continues to set attendance records...if anyone doubts cross is the fastest growing cycling discipline, all they need to do is see the maxed out fields lining up in Portland and Gloucester.

- Tom McD's great race at the Granogue Estate in Wilmington, DE went off today with it's best ever Elite Men's and Women's fields...

And, last but not least, our gang finally got the old press release up on the site...

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