Saturday, October 21, 2006

At Your Door

Look what you could have waiting on your doorstep every Monday - saving you a trip to the grocery store and providing a great variety of organic (and local when possible) fruits and veggies:

Haas Avocado
Valencia Oranges
Local Acorn Squash
Jewel Yams
Local Red Kale
Local Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Onions
Parsley, Italian
Local Bartlet Pears
Local Apples

Sound good? Check out team sponsor Door to Door Organics.

This service is incredible. You can get fruits and veggies, and additional items like frozen Alaskan Salmon, local honey, local quinoa, peanut butter, coffee, and more. Best part about it is they are totally flexible. Want to change a few items on your menu for the coming week? Want to switch box sizes? Want to put your delivery on hold for a vacation? NO PROB!

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