Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planet Bike Cup

Jordan Cullen showed up to the first USGP of the season with high hopes in his first race for the CLIF Bar Devo Team. On Saturday Jordan lined up to for the start of the 2/3's race very focused and intent on doing well. When the officials fired the gun he was off the line like a race horse. Jordan got the hole shot and had a gap for a majority of the first lap. But nearing the end of the last lap tragedy struck Jordan's race. He slid out in an off camber turn and the race behind him plowed into not only Jordan but his bike. Jordan got up but his bars were twisted, his back wheel was broken, and he had broken both chain stays. He rode to the pit and lost about 20 spots in the process. Once he switched bikes he slowly but surely started to pick off riders and moved all the way up to fourth. From the start on the second day he was about second or third off the line but got within 3 seconds of the leader but then his hood slipped through a rough section of the course. He had to switch to his bike that he had broken the day before which probably wasn't the best idea but he didn't have a choice. Jordan then got caught by two other riders who later shed Jordan with one lap to go. In the end Jordan ended up fourth both days. Jordan was very pleased with the awesome presence the CLIF Bar Team had at the race and was glad to be part of the experience!!

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