Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green Mountain Cyclocross NECCS 1 & 2

This past weekend was my first big cross race of the season up in Burlington, Vermont. It seemed like a really fast and dry course. With over 100 guys starting, it was crucial to get to the front. From the gun, there was a selection. By the end of the first lap, Yohan Patry from Canada and I had a gap over the cat. 3 field and the juniors. Every lap, the gap grew. With one lap to go, I dropped my chain. I found out as I tried to sprint out of a corner. By the time I got the chain back on, Yohan had a gap and kept it all the way to the finish. I finished second behind him.
Day two was very similar to day one. A selection was made, this time with Karl Hoppner, again from Canada. We established a gap over the cat 3 field and the juniors. With 2 1/2 laps to go, I tried to bunny hop a log, but failed. Karl got a 10 second gap and was able to hold it for the remainder of the race. Again, I finished second, but I obtained the points leaders jersey with a 15 point lead over Nate Morse, former Clif Bar teammate. Hopefully I can hold the jersey at the next NECCS race!
Day 1- Chasing the lead. Day 2- Chasing, again. Me in the leaders jersey.

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