Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cross in Chicago

Further evidence cross is growing like crazy across America: 30 people out in the Portland-esque rain for the Cycle-Smart Chicago cross clinic I taught yesterday. Thankfully it was 70 out, and the mud helped create some better practice scenarios.

The clinic was hosted by the Chicago Cyclo-Cross Cup. Thanks to Imelda March for organizing a great clinic, to Franco for taking care of me while I was in town, and for all the motivated participants for braving the rain to learn new skills!

BIG thanks to Alex Wassman @ SRAM for waking up early on Saturday AM to drop off a SRAM tent - otherwise we would have been hanging out in the rain ALL day for the clinic. Much appreciated!!! The CLIF BAR crew is psyched to be back on SRAM this season. TEAM CLIF BAR elite riders Troy Wells, Brady Kappius and Danny Summerhill will be rocking SRAM RED, and the CLIF BAR Devo team is rolling the updated RIVAL group.

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josh said...

Ben - my apt roof started to leak after the rains so I spent saturday waiting for the maintenance crew to come by and fix it. yeah, i would have rather been sloppin' around in the weather. at least i got the new tubies glued up. cood luck with the new season - the new bikes look great!

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