Monday, September 15, 2008


So i raced my first cross race in the season up in Breckenridge in the Cat.3. I started in 4th or 5th row and when we started i moved up right away to 6th place. Than on the first paved part i moved father up to 2nd place. When it went in the dirt part again there was a mud pile, you could go through it or on go around it. The first guy took the right so i decided to go left i passed him there and moved into first place. After a while i looked back and i had a gap of 6 seconds so i decided to just go hard for two laps. After does 2 laps i was still in first but this time with a 40 second gap. Each lap my gap got bigger and in the last lap i had a minute and 20 seconds before the second guy. I didn't go as hard anymore just to keep my gap between him. So i finished the race about a minute before the second guy finished. 
I achieved one of my goals already and that was to win a cross race in Cat.3 so now my goals are to win some more Cat.3 races.

Yannick Eckmann

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