Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sierra Elementary School Visit

The day before heading out to Kentucky for the first stop of the USGP series, teammate Andrew Barker and myself visited Ms. McCarthy's 1st grade class at Sierra Elementary in Arvada, CO. I brought in my Salsa bike and Andrew brought in some of our team clothing.  We first explained what kind of racing we did and how we race in all types of weather on half dirt and half road.  The kids had some good questions about how long we had been racing, how long the races are, how many races we have won and where we race.  After explaining our racing we explained the sustainability mission of the team.  Ironically the the class was learning about recycling at the same time!  In addition to cycling we talked to the class about eating food that was grown locally and is organic.  We talked about trying to minimize CO2 production by riding bikes to school which a lot of the kids did.  We emphasized the importance of wearing helmets while doing it.  At the end, we took the kids outside and I showed them some dismounting and carrying skills.  I also popped a wheelie and the kids all started cheering.  They kept on telling me to do it more. It was hilarious.  I just hope that they don't go home and try it!

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