Monday, October 22, 2007

Summer vs. Winter

Well let’s just say that the Western Slope Cyclocross series was very interesting and fun. They put on a lot of cool venues which included; Aspen, Gunnison, and Eagle. In Eagle just last weekend it went from summer to winter over night. Saturday’s race almost felt as if it was summer out. It was a good course with some single track and some good natural barriers such as logs, ditches and some mud pits. Kevin and I started off strong but let Tom Hopper (who built our bikes) make a big gap on us. About half way through the race he had a good 30second lead on us. We worked together to pull him back which didn’t seem to be working until the end. Last lap to go Kevin and I pulled him back to only a 3second gap which was just enough for him to get the win. Kevin took 2nd and I took 3rd. Though Sunday’s race was a whole different story.


We woke up and outside was about 6inches of snow on the ground. At the start of our race it was only 28degrees out and snowing. The field took off strong all trying to get down to the S-turns first so that you dint have a chance of getting behind someone who fell because of the slick snow. I was the first one to them but just a couple turns later I was the first one to slide out along with Kevin. The field past us and had a good enough gap to keep it off the rest of the race. It was very interesting racing with no brakes, no shifting and no grip due to the freezing conditions. All together it was a great race and an awesome series. Kevin won the overall series and I took 2nd right behind him. Western Slope Series
Kevin and I stayed in BeaverCreek over night and when we were roaming around we found this sign which we found really cool. (BeaverCreek 100% powered by wind)

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