Thursday, January 25, 2007

T minus 2 days for Toast

Here's Danny's latest update from Izegem, Belgium - thoughts heading into the World Championships on Saturday:

Thursday Jan 25.

my lap top just the other day sooo now I have to grab bits of time here and
there using other peoples lap tops

but ya lately I have to say I have say that I have been doing a lot of
thinking about how exactly the next couple of days will un-fold with with it
culminating saturday morning at worlds

I have been training like normal going out for 2 hours or so every day but
unfortunately I have had a bit of a problem falling asleep or should I say
staying asleep on a regular basis

so with that I might ask if any one has any suggestions this this little
problem it would be greatly appreciated.

as far as thoughts that have been going through my mind lately the thought of
winning comes around every once and a while but I feel that doing the best I
can and leaving it all out there is what I envision my self doing more.

getting nervous has not really set in at all yet but there is definitely
something or some kind of feeling I have not been able to shake yet
and I feel that will all change after the pressure of saturday and I am on
my way home.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awesome placing today at Worlds!

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