Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lots of hotel time and some slick turns

Today we awoke at 7:30 and headed out for a nice little morning walk. We were out for about 10 minutes then headed back and had some breakfast. We then went back out for a ride at 10:30. The course is only about a half mile from the hotel so we headed over there. We rode 1 lap and checked most of the course out. Alex took a nice little fall on the slick downhill section. Lots of oooohhhh's and aaahhhh's. The stairs don't seem too bad. They are pretty similar to stadium stairs - not too much vertical gain and a lot of horizontal gain. The road climb at the top should hurt pretty bad though. We headed back, took a shower and ate some lunch. The food is pretty good, I'm happy. Lounged around the room for a while and watched some T.V., did some Physics homework, then went back to the course to see how it had changed and did a couple of efforts. Again, we came back, watched T.V. again then ate some dinner. More T.V. and here we are, getting ready to go to bed. Only one more day before the big race, so we better get our act together. Do a couple efforts tomorrow and we should be ready.

Until tomorrow,


Minty said...

Good luck u guyz! I can't wait to hear about it!!!!! :)

craig said...

Brady et al., best wishes and good luck with the race (and the physics!).

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