Wednesday, January 25, 2006

10 hours in the plane, 12 hours in the airport, we're not even 50 % efficient

After 36 hours of traveling, we have now arrived in Zeddam, Netherlands. Not too much to say about today; nothing but sitting on the plane and sitting in the airport. In quick summary (it's going to be quick because the fingers are having trouble typing and the eyes are having trouble staying open) these were the highs and lows of the day:

-Stunning the euros with our amazing (not really) hacky sack skills as we waited in the airport.
-Playing soccer with a Listerine breath strips pack and later, a ninja turtle foot we found in the airport.
-Watching "Back to the Future" from start to finish for the first time (the skateboard chase scene is the coolest thing I have ever seen on an airplane. Period).
-Trying to court a group of 25-50 Swedish female student w/ the standard Belgian wink.
-Watching a man dressed in a $1000 ensemble, strut around w/ a piece of toilet paper stuck to his foot.
-Getting some sweet new national team clothing.
-Seeing the peoples faces as they see us sprawled out in the corner sleeping (and drooling - Danny).
-Sitting in the Washington-Dulles airport for 2 hours.
-Getting shot down by 25-50 Swedish female students.
-Sitting in the Brussels airport for 10 hours.
-Airplane legs.
-The odors that can come off 3 guys.

Well I guess when you weigh the pluses and minuses against each other I suppose you could say we came out on top. What ever, no matter how you look at it, it was a long day.

Grinning regards,

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