Wednesday, January 18, 2006

1st Victory Across The Pond.

Well I did it I won house Monploy last night my 1st major accomplishment since I came to Europe. It ended up being a power struggle between Jesse, Powers, and I and pulled it off. The World Cup went like crap for the whole squad lets just leave it at that. On Monday Trebon, Wicks, and I went shopping at the local mall I picked up a cocky silver button down shirt, Trebon got a Jacket and two belts Wicks left empty handed. After we left the mall we headed down to the coffee shop in Kortrijk first time any of us have driven to the coffee shop. Wicks got a .5 kilo of some amazing mocha blend. Once we had finished our coffee we found the hidden treasure in the center of Kortrijk a corner waffle and ice cream store that has amazing waffles to say the least. It has to be the best food I have ever tasted in my life. On the drive home Trebon suffered a finger injury trying to be like Wicks. Tuesday Wicks and I went out for an easy spin and decided that we would have to stop by the waffle stand. At first we thought he might be closed but he came up from the basement and made us some fresh right off the iron waffles. This is a good find for me b/c until this point I have been addicted to the waffles you can buy at the supermarket in a 5 pack. This way I eat less and it is a hour and half ride so I burn off the waffle by the end of the ride. Today I did my 1st opener over here where I actually felt like myself again so I hope I can put it together for two solid races this weekend leading into worlds. In other news my brother aka Toodles McDuff was in the local newspaper today in Izegem saying how the US national champ won't be on the start line @ worlds and Els informed us it translated into he was sending his cat. Which is funny I think if you know Todd or read his site he does have 2 Cat and the one had a resume posted on Sopro Jones website looking for a job on the circuit as a mechanic... I wonder if Joseba will be @ worlds working on my bike. "Hey man" Synder Voice "I got your tire pressure all figured out Uncle Bear" Megs Voice.


Anonymous said...

Best food ever!!???? Your cut off back in D-Town!

Anonymous said...

Did Tree Farm drop his spot due to his Wicks like crash? Whats up?

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