Tuesday, October 04, 2016

2016 / 2017 Season - What We are Riding

First of all, welcome back to the CLIF BAR Development Team blog. This season we will be posting new blogs every Monday, so be sure to check in frequently. In this blog post we will be going over the equipment that we use and abuse. This is the equipment that keeps us running, so thanks for the support from our sponsors. We couldn’t do it without them!

Frame -
This is our 4th season on the Niner BSB RDO. 4 years ago we partnered with Niner when they first released the BSB. With slight updates each year, Niner has really hit the nail on the head with this bike. Stiff, lightweight, race geometry, and mud clearance. All we could ever want in a bike. (@ninerbikes #pedaldamnit)

Drivetrain -
We have been working with Sram since the team was founded in 2003. We will be using Sram’s most advanced cyclocross groupset, Force CX1. 1x drivetrains combined with hydraulic braking is perfect for cross. (@sramroad)

Wheelsets -

The Development team will be on Kappius Components wheelsets this season. We will be racing on the tubular version of the KW-2 wheelset. These Wheels are completely designed in house by our very own Brady Kappius. 240 points of engagement makes for wicked fast accelerations out of corners. (@kappiuscomponents #rollonkappius)

Tires -
Once again we will be racing on Challenge Handmade Tires. During races we will be on Team Edition Tubulars, while we will train on Grifo Open Tubulars. The team travels with extra wheelsets with treads ranging from Chicane to Limus. This gives us the flexibility to pick the right tire for the conditions. My favorite tire for muddy races is the Limus T.E. at 20psi front and 21psi rear. (@challengetires #tireswinraces #yourchallenge)

Crankbrothers has been one of our partners from the beginning, known for being the best mud shedding pedals on the market. While we have the option to pick between Eggbeaters or Candy models, most of us run the candy for the increased platform.  (@crankbrothers #weridecb)

Lube/Tools/Cleaners -
Pedro’s has stocked the team with lube for every condition. We have 5+ different lubes to pick from depending on the conditions and then have plenty of Cleaner to keep the bikes working well and looking good. The mechanics also use Pedro’s tools for all of the bike maintenance.  (@pedrosbikecare)

Helmets/Shoes -
Giro is once again protecting our heads this year. The team will be running the Synthe MIPS helmet. The Synthe is stylish, aero, and safe. We will also be using the Giro Empire VR90 shoes. These shoes are incredibly stiff, light, and have the ability to add spikes for icy conditions! (@girocycling)

Capo is another sponsor whom we have worked with for many years. They will be keeping us warm when riding on the trainer isn’t an option. We will be decked out from head to toe in some of the nicest clothing out there, including thermal skinsuits. ( @capocycling #capocycling)

Embro/Skincare -
Doc’s Skin Care will be providing us with everything from embro to sunscreen. With a wide variety of products, our legs will never get cold, even if it’s snowing. (@docskincare)

Massage -
The original Rad Roller may be one of the most important things in our suitcases. The Rad Roller is small enough that it can fit anywhere and provides some of the best post race recovery. We never travel without them. (@radroller #radroller)

Thanks for reading! - CLIF BAR Development Team

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