Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's Finally Cross Season!

It's the time of the year that us cross racers dream about. After a long 8 month break, cross season has finally arrived. The leaves are falling off the trees and snow is falling in the high country back home in Colorado. This year will be a journey for me as I leave home for college on the west coast and enter the ranks of U23.

New whip for the season 
5 weeks ago I left Colorado for San Luis Obispo. My first month at California Polytechnic State University has been a bit hectic, but I am now starting to settle into the college lifestyle. Cal Poly is known for being one of the best engineering and agriculture school schools in the west, however my major is Business Administration with a undecided concentration . Our quarter system is a bit different, but it gives me plenty of time to train between classes.
Go Mustangs!
I have been racing with the Cal Poly MTB team for the last couple of weekends which has been really fun and I am starting to transition to cross. I did some early season training races in Colorado 6 weeks ago, which were a great measure of my early season fitness and skill. Every thing has been going to plan and I did my first official cross race last weekend with my brother. Cormac goes to UC Berkeley so I found a ride to Berkeley then spent 2 nights sleeping on my brothers dorm floor before heading up to Sacramento for SacCX Series race 2. I was very happy with my first race out here, I lead for over half the race before fading in the end and coming home with 2nd. A great write of the race can be found Here. Up next, more local races and UCI CXLA. Also, A big shout out to all of our sponsors for getting us going this season. I am excited for lies ahead.
2nd Place!

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