Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belgium Update

Today marks the one week anniversary of my adventure here in Belgium. Im going to use this post to list the most interesting things that have stood out from my trip thus far.

1). Raced my first race outside of the U.S.
2). Raced my first World Cup
3). Bumped elbows with a Belgian in a World Cup
4). Crashed in my first world cup
5). Ate Speculoos
6). Had my first Belgian pastry
7). Got completely lost on a training ride
8) Tried white Asparagus.

Everybody on the team has their bikes now, and we were all able to pasticipate in the training race. While none of us won and got of the chores we all had a good time, and it was nice to mix up the training a bit.

I did notice some cool Practices here in Belgium that the US should adopt. The coolest thing is the recycling. The Belgians have really got this down. It really to see how much they care about the recycling, and how much the people here do it. Another thing is grocery bags. at the grocery stores if you want a bag you have to buy a reusable one, and most everybody brings bags to the store to reuse. I know I know "they have this already in the states" you say but the the difference here is that the ALL the Belgians reuse their bags, and its comes naturally to them. Anyways its dinner time now, but I will leave with some pictures.
Screen at the World Cup
World Cup Kalmthout
Riding along trail the canal
My Bed for two weeks
One Of the Team USA vans

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