Monday, October 04, 2010

CLIF BAR Rider Partners With Chris King To Indroduce First Ever Recycling Program at the Cross Crusade

This weekend over 1500 racers descended upon the Alpenrose Dairy in Portland, Oregon for the opening round of the Cross Crusade. Among other new things this year were several recycling bins for aluminium, glass, and paper placed near the ever popular Chris King coffee and cider truck. CLIF BAR Development Cyclo-Cross Team rider Kolben Preble, who is the leader of the project Said he saw a problem With the thousands of cups heading to the landfill every weekend and wanted to do something about. Chris King whom also was regretful of the waste created, but didn't have the man power or time to make a solution was happy to join Preble in his cause. For the future both Chis King and Preble hope to grow the program and eventually create a zero waste solution to the waste problem at large races like the Cross Crusades. Look for the black and white bins with the universal recycling logo on them at Cross Crusade number two in Rainier Oregon.

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