Monday, October 26, 2009

Kentucky USGP #2

Last weekend was our 2nd USGP race in Kentucky. We looked at the course on friday to check out the course. It was muddyish and in some spots it was dry. The next morning me and my bro pre rode the course and looked at it. Then we went to warming up on the road. When it became to the staging i got nervous. When we started i was going second into the first turn which was a great position. After 1 lap the field was split up already it was Chris Wallace, Robin(my brother) and me. After another two laps robin dropped back and it was only Chris and Me. Two laps to go then I put the hammer down through a really hard muddy section were i dropped Chris then. From that point on i was pushing as hard as i can to get me a win and get me closer overall to the leaders jersey. In the last lap i had a nice gap to second. I crossed the finish line in first and behind me Chris was fighting with Cody Kaiser the series leader and cody ended up second then becasue i just had a greater momentum going in the last mud section of the course.
So the results were 1st me, 2nd Cody Kaiser, 3 Chris Wallace, 4th Jeffery Bahnson and 5th Robin Eckmann

The next day they switched the course a little. It was robin who got the whole shot and was out front for 2 laps with a 5-10 second gap to the main group. After the two laps i attacked and went out front. I was leading the last 3 laps of the race and then in the last 200-300 meters of the race Cody Kaiser came from the back passing me and i tried to stay on him but at the last muddy section i took the wrong line that i thought was better but unfortunately it was the slower line so i didn't get on the road right behind him for the sprint so he got another win. I still finished in a strong second place.
third place was Chris Wallace
fourth Robin Eckmann
fifth Jeffery Bahnson

After the race my dad told me that if you don't look at the course carefully enough that this could cost you the whole race unfortunately that happened to me.


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