Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Mountain sports cx race

Yes i got the first race report up on the blog I won :) :) :) :)

Ok so now the race report

This was my second cyclocross race of the season. I started the race from the first row because I got a call up. In the first lap the field already was splitting up. 3 riders were out front and I caught on in the second lap. The a lap later Colby Pearce attacked. Then the next lap then Colby attacked and he was gone, the 3 of us didn't want to chase him down. After another two laps passed I attacked and try to catch up to him. I got pretty close to him but the my energy went out and i got slower every lap. I still managed to stay in 3 place till the last lap. Then Spencer Powlison from Mafia racing shot by me but he overestimated a turn with a lot of gravel in it and he went down. So I passed him again and just tried to stay in front of him so i can secure my 3 place. Going up to the finish i got a little gap and stayed in my 3rd place. I was really happy after the race but also really tired. 

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