Sunday, January 18, 2009


Over the Winter holidays I were in Germany to visit my grand parents. I also attended some more cross races. Before I went over I decided to race the German national championship too. The German nationals were on January 10th. To prepare I did 3 races in Switzerland. The first race in Dagmersellen went for me really good. I started from the last row and I still got first place it was a sprint finish. That race was also wired because it was just put against a mountain. It just went up  the mountain on a paved road, down on frozen grass and the bottom were it was flat again was paved so it was more like a road race but still a hard race going up that mountain 6 times. 
Then I got to train for 4 days again before I had my next race. The next race was in Beromuenster, Switzerland. I started in the last row again but that didn't matter for me. I went right up to the lead group. I didn't have an excellent of a race because I was just sitting in waiting for the sprint because i didn't have enough power that day to ride away. So in the last lap a guy attacked and I could hold him so he just rode away from me. On the end I finished 2nd 2 seconds behind the leader.
 Then I got a 3 day break/ training time before I had my last race before Nats. This last race was in Duebendorf, that was also in Switzerland. This was the last race that I could prove my self that I am ready for Nats. I started of course in the last row again. This race was on a military airport so it was a lot of fun.  But this time there was a French guy there to that had one every single race he raced in Switzerland. After the start I were in 5 place and than on the pavement I attack right before a steep hill. After that I hammered it like for 2-3 laps and I opened a big gap. Midway through the race I was more then 40 seconds ahead. In the last lap I slowed down a little were I also crashed then. But when I crossed the finish line I were still 20 seconds ahead. From that day I knew I'm ready for nats. 
Two days before nats. I felt that I am not feeling so good. I had a bad cough and I just felt really bad. 
On the race day I surprised by an official commissar that they forbidden me to race in my so lovely Clif Bar race suit. Fortunately I could barrow a apparel kid from my previous home town club. I was very upset about this. After this action to change jersey's I tried to get back to my routine to study the course very carfully. It was a real nice course. It was just frozen ground and on the side of the course it was snow. It was a real fast course just how I like it. At this race I started in the last row of a field of 60 racers. After 1 and a half lap I caught up to the lead group of 10. Three laps to go somebody attack and I was stuck behind some other guy. So two rode away and when I had the chance to pass my guy I rode right back up to the other two guys. In the last lap we were down to 2 racers for the victory. The 3rd guy had a gap of 2 or 3 seconds. So i came in the sprint with the leader of the german race series. I thought I could take him in the sprint but I couldn't do it. I ended up 2nd place less then a wheel length behind him. I were proud of my self because I started in worst position and rode all the way up to second place.
It is always good to get a chance to race in a different country to see how good you are especially knowing the Swiss and german are ranking up in the the top nations worldwide. 
During my European races I always had top material and no defects. With this said I want to thank you to our sponsors for supporting us with all the best material, and a big thank you to Ben Turner and his support team for their great  work and support over the entire cyclocross season.

See you next season 

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