Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clif Bar Team bus, R.I.P.

Photos copyright Brad Kaminski

Unfortunately, the Clif Bar Team bus met it's fate early last Thursday morning about 5am.

The Olde Stage Fire - that started last Wednesday afternoon just north of Boulder city limits - began to spread east of Highway 36, and traveled down a little valley next to the commercial parking area where the bus is stored during the off season. High winds blew burning debris that started the bus on fire, with the front end destroyed before fire fighters arrived to put out the fire.

Link to story about the fires in Boulder is here.

Thanks to everyone for their support in making the team bus project come together in the fall of '07, and for keeping it rolling strong this past 'cross season. It was a huge team effort getting the bus ready for bike equipment, making it functional and look great, and especially driving all over the country. Having the bus at the races was a huge help to the team, made for a great sponsor presence, and was a lot of fun for people to see.

The former Dartmouth Big Green Bus had a great run as the Clif Bar Team bus, and there may not be another cycling team vehicle quite like it again!

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Josh said...

there's gotta be a pt.2 in the works...right? sorry for the loss of the team sled!

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