Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today was my second Pro 1, 2 race.  I started good i was like in top 10 after the start. I kept on pressing hard to keep up and pass some people. I was keeping up with two people in in the first 4 laps and than i passed them and I moved up to Alex. I got up to alex because he crashed and that made me catch him. He rode with him for almost the whole time till 3 and a half laps to go I slip in a corner and that made a gap between me and him but i could never catch him again. 2 other people came from the back and passed me too but i stayed with them because i didn't fell like loosing more places. One of them rode away but I stayed with the second guy because i couldn't keep up with the guy who rode away. In the last lap I got dropped  from that guy but he crashed at the barriers so i caught back up to him. Than on the paved part he past me and i stayed on his wheel because i thought i still have a chance to out sprint him. When we got on final straight i couldn't pass him anymore I tried every thing but it wasn't enough. I ended up like top 15 in the race. This was my hardest pro race so far but also the best.

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