Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Racing

This weekend there was two UCI races. One in Gunnison on Western State Campus and one in Durango on Fort Lewis Campus. Conor, Brady, Danny and I were at both races. Conor and I raced in the Cat 3's. We were doing great the whole race on Saturday off the front with one other guy. Conor crashed with 2 laps to go, into a corner. It was just myself and another guy from Durango off the front. Then on the last lap about half way through the lap my chain broke. Conor came in second and I got a DNF with my mechanical. Then Brady and Danny raced shortly after. They both had a great race and both placed in the top ten with Danny finishing on the podium.
Then on Sunday the race was in Durango. Conor and I got there to warm up and get the course dialed in. But once we got there we noticed that we went off an hour and a half earlier then the day before. So we had no time to warm up or ride the course. We finished up 6th and 7th. Then again Brady and Danny rode a great race. Danny had a mechanical and worked his way back up. Both again placing in the top ten on a UCI race.

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