Thursday, October 11, 2007

Volunteering at Community Cycles

I had the pleasure of working with Community Cycles, as a volunteer opportunity. They are a really cool non profit organization based in Boulder. They collect donated bicycles in any condition, fix them up, and either sell them for a cheap price to those who can't afford a bike or it goes into the "Earn a Bike Program." The Earn a Bike Program is for anyone who can't afford to spend their money on a bike and could really use a decent bike for transportation. In the program the person earning the bike comes to the shop and donates time working there, learning all about how to take care of bikes. At the end of the time they need to be there, they pick a bike from the shop, fix it up, and ride it out of the shop.
The shop at Community Cycles could definitely use a couple sets of new tools, since the stuff they have is pretty worked over. I was thinking maybe Pedro's could donate some nice tools to the organization. The tools will help with making the bikes as safe as possible, and also the people earning bikes can learn more about working bikes with the right tools.

By: Danny Hiller

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