Saturday, September 22, 2007

Photos from the Cultiva! Youth Project harvest

To start training camp weekend off right - connecting kids to where their food comes from and introducing them to some good old fashioned volunteer work, 8 of us worked at the Friday afternoon harvest for the ¡Cultiva! Youth Project.

¡Cultiva! is a youth operated organic market garden. Participants (ages 11-19) will plant and nurture a 2 acre garden, harvest the produce weekly to sell at the Boulder County Farmer's Market, and donate a portion of what is harvested to those in need in the local community. Through this project, youth will learn to care for and protect the environment, will learn how to operate a small business, and will take part in a variety of activities which create positive change for the community, the environment,
and youth themselves.

Robin contemplates eating a Tomato Hornworm

Yannick washes carrots for the market

Zack tries to find some cucumbers in the greenhouse

Cody with eggplant harvested from the greenhouse

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