Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Summerhill reports from Belgium

Friday Dec. 29

Photo by Joseph Sales

As far as my trip to Europe goes it started about a week before I actually
made it to Europe. My flight was supposed to be the morning of the Massive
blizzard but because so much snow fell so fast my flight was canceled. It
managed to stay canceled for another 4 days in which time I had to make my
way up to Vail so that I could fly out of the air port to Chicago where I
would get on a normal flight to Brussels.

Now about 5 and half days late I arrive in Belgium with not a glimmer of
snow in sight.

The next couple of days were kind of a blur with the fact that I had not
been able to get out of my jet lag .

With one race already behind me though I came back to the next one with
redemption in mind. To add to my fire the entire junior national team was
picked very last from what was supposed to be a random call up to the start
line. So with that anger I managed to claw my way up to 5th place and a
sprint finish which who know could have gone differently had I started on
the front row with the other 4 racers that finished ahead of me and not on
the very last. But in the famous words of Bjorn Selander, it's not worth crying
over spilled milk, so we packed up our things and headed home, with hopes to
do even better next time around.

To Be Continued...

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