Tuesday, November 14, 2006

stetty's stance

A'ight. It's been a while. but now I got a few moments to imprint my thoughts on a page for the world to hear. Hope it sounds ok...
I've been busy with school and bikin' and life in general.
School is almost out for the fall break and I will have no time to rest. I fly friday night out to portland for the USGP's, then straight up to Beaver Creek for 3 days with the family and then I'll fly out to Boston Thanksgiving morning to see some friends who moved away. I worked the system real good and got a free flight for 1st class that costs the same miles as if I were in economy, so I'll travel in style! These are all good things to be busy with though, so I'm not complaining.
I've started training again and I'm not digging the cold. I was sick all through the Boulder races and miserable but now I'm done choking on my bodily fluids and can ride. I'm pulling two-a-days with a major weightlifting program this winter(all legs though). Cyclists typically walk around with their arms in a sling during the winter to take advantage of glorious atrophy, and go up hills faster, but I'm even doing an arm exercise or two(all the juiced up bodybuilders at school laugh because I can barely hold a bike high enough to put it on the car-let alone lift weights).
For my projects with the team I am going to do a middle school visit with Tejay about cycling as an alternate mode of transportation, I am also working with RamWheels here ate CSU. RamWheels is basically a rent-a-bike for free program where students can check out a bike for a few days to get to class if they don't have their own. We currently own 12 Bright yellow cruisers and all need maintenance.
So that's what sup in my life. Over an out.

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